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Flight Training Practice


The Hong Kong Flight Training Centre is organizing flight training practice in Australia regularly each year. The training is run in collaboration with Flight Training Organizations in Adelaide and in Brisbane. The flight training practice courses are designed for those who have completed the theory and simulation parts of the relevant module jointly provided by our Centre and HKU SPACE.

In 2023, we have scheduled to organize 3 flight training practice courses in Australia with the following details:

Spring Course (Training in Adelaide)
Date (Group 1): Sun, 19 Mar - Sun, 2 Apr 2023
Date (Group 2): Sun, 2 Apr - Sun, 16 Apr 2023
Courses Available: 10 hours training in 14 days

Summer Course (Training in Brisbane)
Date (Group 1): Sun, 25 Jun - Sun, 9 Jul 2023
Date (Group 2): Sun, 9 Jul - Sun, 23 Jul 2023
Courses Available: 10-15 hours training in 14-21 days

Fall Course (Training in Adelaide)
Date (Group 1): Sun, 22 Oct - Sun, 5 Nov 2023
Date (Group 2): Sun, 5 Nov - Sun, 19 Nov 2023
Courses Available: 10 hours training in 14 days

Due to the pandemic and border controls of the Australian Government, the above flight training trips are subject to change without prior notice. For enquiry, please give us a call at 2297 2460.