To fly, to explore and to meet new challenges.


Q1. Is learning to fly difficult?
Q1. 學飛困難嗎?

Q2. How old can I be?
Q2. 幾多歲才可以開始學飛?

Q3. How long does it take to get my RPL/PPL licence?
Q3. 拿到「基礎飛行進度測試」和「私人飛行員執照」需時多久?

Q4. What theory options do we have?
Q4. 我們要上多少理論課?內容多嗎?

Q5. What type of aircraft do you fly?
Q5. 你們用的是什麼類型的飛機?

Q6. Parafield Airport better than others?
Q6. 澳洲的 Parafield 機場有什麼優勢?

Q7. Are the medical standards strict? Can I wear glasses?
Q7. 體格和健康要求嚴格嗎? 我可以戴眼鏡嗎?

Q8. What does the licence give me? What do these licences allow me to do?
Q8. 考取牌照後 , 我可以做什麼?

Q9. How do I start?
Q9. 我應如何開始?