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Why school base?

Diversification of school curriculum
The time is right to move forward. Hong Kong is going to experience a major shift in the senior secondary school curriculum with an aim to provide board and balanced learning experience to students. Apart from the traditional academic subjects developed by the government, students should be provided with more opportunities and flexibilities in their very own learning pathways. To equip our students for the challenges in the 21st Century, curriculum diversification at the school level is definitely a way to go for.

Time saving for students, reputation earning for schools
It would be beneficial to students if the school can integrate our flight training programme into its school curriculum, either within or after school hours. Except parts of the courses in which IT facilities will be needed for flight simulation, our courses can be conducted in a school setting with our instructors coming to the school for the teaching. We have established a few Regional Centres (RCs) in a school partnership model, so that students from neighbouring schools may attend courses together in the RC. Such arrangement would save studentsˇ¦ time and expenses on transportation and would maximize the learning opportunity for even the minority of students in a school who wish to learn to fly. Becoming a RC would also bring added values to the schoolˇ¦s reputation for its curriculum diversification. more

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