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Resources & facilities

We have introduced a whole series of learning materials from one of the major aviation theory training services providers in Australia. The learning materials are tailored to the needs of our courses at various stages. These materials are well proven and are used widely by many airline and military cadet training programmes.

One of the highlights of this programme is the extensive use of Information Technology to assist students' learning. A series of Computer-Based Training materials, with rich multimedia content, will be used as the primary instructional tools in classroom teaching. Other IT-based training tools include simulators for radio navigational aids, interactive radio-telephony practice CD-ROM, etc.

An impressive multi-screen projection system has been set up at the HKU SPACE Aviation Laboratory for flight simulation demonstration and practice purposes. With the help of the latest flight simulation software and hardware, you will find this simulation experience with highly realistic visual effects exceptionally helpful to your future flight training in Australia.

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(Source: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004)

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