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What we offer?

In collaboration with the HKU SPACE, we offer a series of theory courses from Sky Experience to PPL level. These are 35 hour modules which are connected to corresponding flight training practice in Australia and the U.K. The theory courses will cover all the essential elements in the theory of flying including: Air Law and Operational Procedures, Aircraft Technical Knowledge, Human Performance, Meteorology, Navigation, Radio-telephony, Performance and Planning. In general, students are expected to complete the courses one by one in specific order.

After completing relevant theory courses, students may wish to proceed to their flying practice sessions in Australia or the U.K. We work closely with our overseas partners to provide comprehensive arrangement for flight training. This will include the provision of training aircraft, qualified instructors, insurance, medical certification, licence application, local transportation, accommodation and catering services, etc.

It is not necessary for students to commit to the whole PPL flight training programme, they may choose from the 10-hour Sky Experience module to the more demanding 40-hour RPL module according to their interests and aspirations.

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