Vision and Passion

+Promoting a flying culture

+A different kind of smart



A different kind of smart

Different people have different talents; some may be good at language, some at science, and some at arts or music. But some are born pilots!

In Hong Kong Flight Training Centre, we have a special mission to promote flight training to local young people, especially those who are studying at the senior secondary level. We see flight training as a unique experience that promotes students' personal growth and development. It is a process of self-actualization and requires self-discipline and great determination.

If you believe in Professor Howard Gardner's theory of Multiple Intelligence (MI), learning to fly is a good way to develop one's MI including the linguistic, logical-mathematical, spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligences. Students will build up confidence and courage; develop decisiveness and respect for rules; and widen their horizons once they start learning to fly.

The theory part of flight training will require students to integrate a wide range of learning elements acquired at school, including those from arts and science subjects, and use them practically. Attending a flying course is a solid way to help students put their learning at school into an authentic situation.

So, we are not talking about merely book smart or street smart, it is a different kind of smart!

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