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Why Australia?

Australia is a very big country with excellent weather, landscape and geographical features that are suitable for flight training. It is also one of the few countries with a long history in aviation, allowing the nation to build up its good infrastructure, resources and support services for flying. These are crucial factors for Australia¡¦s success in maintaining a high standard of flight safety and standing to be one of the safest flying environments in the world. The Private Pilot Licence issued by the Australian government is a well recognised licence and the holder of this licence may fly in most countries around the world


Distances between Hong Kong and the major cities in Australia are about 7000 km requiring a flight time of less than 8 hours. The time difference between Hong Kong and Australia is 2 hours, so students can keep a fairly close contact with their friends and families. Moreover, Australia's conventions, such as unit of measurement, mains voltage and the way of driving, are similar to that of Hong Kong, making students easier to adapt to the living environment there.

(Source: Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology)
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