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What type of aircraft do you fly?
Our flying school in Australia and the U.K. operates a variety of different aircraft including Diamond DA40, Cessna 172SP and Piper PA28 Warrior. Most of the aircraft are equipped with Garmin G1000 glass cockpit.

Parafield Airport better than others?
Parafield is a much larger airport with a control tower and has two pairs of parallel runways. It is widely used for flying training by airline cadets and charter flight thus exposing the student to all of the operational challenges of flying. Parafield is a busy but very well organised airport that will prepare you well for safe flying in the Adelaide area.

Are the medical standards strict? Can I wear glasses?
You have to be healthy. Vision can be correctable with glasses. Medical standards vary depending on whether you want to fly commercially or just for recreation. However, the requirement for obtaining a RPL or a PPL licence is a Class II medical certificate issues by CASA or UK CAA.

What does the licence give me? What do these licences allow me to do?
A licence allows you to fly an aeroplane on your own. A private pilot licence allows you to fly anywhere in Australia or in the U.K. by day and in good weather conditions with passengers on the aircraft types you are endorsed on.

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