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Is learning to fly difficult?
Not really. It does however require commitment. Flying is not difficult it is challenging and fun. Even the airline pilot strives for that perfect landing!

How old can I be?
There is no minimum age limit to initiate your training. You can start learning as soon as you are old enough to see over the dashboard and reach the pedals. However, you need to be at least:
- 16 years of age for solo flying
- 17 years of age for receiving a PPL

How long does it take to get my GFPT/PPL licence?

Your training is not time limited. We understand that everyone has different aims and objectives in aviation. Additionally, we all have busy lives, so at HKFTC we will schedule your flying in accordance with your needs.

What theory options do we have?
There are 3 modules designed for secondary school students and 4 modules for adults:

Theory modules for secondary students:
1.Sky Experience; 2.First Solo; 3.Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL).
Theory modules for adults:
1.First Solo; 2.Recreational Pilot Licence; 3.Navigation & Meteorology; 4.Performance & Planning

Theory is not difficult, but it will take time and effort. We are able to provide flexibility in theory training to suit different students needs.

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